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Dispute and Claim Management, Contract Management, Contract Expertise and Strategy, Operational Support

Who is Claimaway?

The Claimaway team is composed of contract and claim management experts. They masterfully intervene to address both the urgent issues and the fundamental aspects of a well-managed contract — to release you from deadlock situations, ensure that your contracts are secure, and restore your project margins. Our methodology guarantees the soundness of the diagnostic and the strategy, and our guidance will assure your teams as they build their skills.


Our offers

Our offers


Urgent Interventions

Real-time Intervention in an urgent situation. Safeguard your project, deal with issues and avoid propagation. Perform a contract audit and identify loopholes.


Operational Support

Operational support that will bring your teams a clear, shared vision of contractual actions on the long run.


Skill Enhancement

Trainings that target the resolution of a specific issue, a training session that’s been revamped to take your occupational expertise further, or an exclusive training package customised to fit your needs.

The Founding Associates

  • Eric Menard
    Eric Menard
  • Camille Villier
    Camille Villier
  • Vincent Canet
    Vincent Canet

Why our clients entrust us with their contract management:

Professional Expertise based on 20 years of experience

  • Mastery of all types of projects, in France and abroad
  • Targeted and adapted intervention based on our unique methodology
  • A human presence by your side
  • Confidentiality — guaranteed by the ethics of the experts involved as well as the tools and processes put into place
  • Related skills available promptly when needed: mediation, organisation, communication, HR…

Our Location

61, avenue de Breteuil, 75007, Paris, France

+33 (0)9 81 71 53 50

+33 (0)6 81 73 72 08

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