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Re-establish the Balance in Client Relationships

Restoring the power balance between parties through contract management


This subsidiary of a large French industrial holding was confronted with an international engineering company that wanted to impose an excessively demanding project position. The flash diagnosis that was carried out indicated faulty positioning and a lack of mastery of contract management tools.

The action-based training session we rolled out covered positioning, conditions that allow a contract to be accepted and to bear responsibility for it, thus enabling project management to reverse the balance of power in the relationships. The knowledge furnished empowered management to reaffirm the necessity of compliance with contractual requirements – previously flouted by the contractor – without creating a deadlock. The normal “hierarchy” that must exist between a client and its prime contractor was therefore re-established.


Following this repositioning, the Project Manager and Director were able to manage the end of the contract from a far less uncomfortable position, which permitted the project to continue within budget.


Claims: How do I build a Watertight Claim?

Claims: anticipation, processing and management — how do I build a watertight claim file?


Within the framework of a project to build a power plant, an operator in the energy field was facing an inflation in costs via three of its main subcontractors. The service provided by the Claimaway experts integrated composition and supervision of a team to draft the claim, with defence of the claim files alongside the company’s legal department. Together with the company’s legal department, an internal team was put together to set up the claim through the steps of the process to collect project information, choose subjects, develop the line of argumentation and calculate damages.

A method was also used to counter the claims files of the contractors. We then guided the project team as they leadership over the contractors and learned how to use the files in an optimal way.


The contractors’ claims were halted and the schedule brought back on course. The project teams benefited from improved Contract Management skills.



Les réclamations : l’anticipation, le traitement et la gestion, comment monter un dossier de claim solide ?


This training allows participants to gain a methodology for reading and analysing contracts that enables them to identify the problems that they are most likely to encounter on a project. It gives Project Managers and Directors the tools they need for the contract that was recently signed, applying business intelligence to it, therefore increasing the professionalism of project kick-off. The problems analysed cover the difficulties of technical execution, which are generally well-grasped, as well as the risks created by the existence of loopholes in the contract. Participants receive theoretical knowledge and analyse multiple contractual case studies. The training is designed to truly immerse participants, with its bona fide focus on operational aspects.

The training touches on the following main themes: The key points of a contract and the main types of problems encountered, providing the checklist for reading a contract (the 10 key questions to ask when reading a contract), how to identify the problems that are most likely to occur depending on the contract signed, knowing how to plan and organize early detection of contractual problems and what preventive measures are to be implemented.

At the end of this training, participants will be capable of drafting a “Good practises” document specific to this particular project or contract, meaning indicating the main risks inherent to the project. They will also be able to point out the risks created by the loopholes in the contract, and set out the course of action to take in the event that they occur.


Beyond acquiring a deep comprehension of the contract in question, this training passes on, to your project teams, a methodology and a mode of interrogation that enables problems related to performance of this contract to be anticipated, and to get organised in order to cope with them. This training therefore unites contractual and project know-how in a very operational way.

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