Our Approach


Who is Claimaway?

The Claimaway team is composed of contract and claim management experts. They masterfully intervene to address both the urgent issues and the fundamental aspects of a well-managed contract — to release you from deadlock sutations, ensure that your contracts are secure, and restore your project margins. Our methodology guarantees the soundness of the diagnostic and the strategy, and our guidance assures your team as they build their skills.

The quality of our services is based on the concrete operational experience as contract managers and project directors who have been engaged in the field for 15 to 30 years. Our interventions focus on complex sectors such as the Energy, Nuclear, Transport, and IT industries in France and abroad.

Claimaway benefits from the skillset of the RIFLEX Group to which it belongs, who bring their complementary expertise in mediation, HR, organisation, communication and workplace health.



The Division’s Skillset — Expertise in:

  • Contract Strategy
  • Operational Support:  Tendering, Clarifications, Negotiation
  • Contract Management: Organisation and Project start-up, Contract follow-up, Modifications and Amendments 
  • Dispute Management: Strategy, contract authoring, formal notice, claim files, analysis of delays, negotiations, transactions
  • Proceedings: International Chamber of Commerce, French Commercial Courts, Arbitration

Our Method

From the moment we understood that technical expertise was not enough, or profession changed and evolved. We realised that tools and expertise could be used in a much more operational and high-performing way.

Beyond the methodology we apply, our added value resides in the industry knowledge that unites human ability with expertise.

Where is the deadlock located? What truly is at stake? Who are the players? What are the causes and consequences? What will the end result be if we do not act? What is the ultimate aim if we proceed? Thanks to our method and the business intelligence we possess, all of these questions and answers are grasped immediately, and we transform them into a strategy that enables you to respond and bounce back.

The implementation piloted by Claimaway experts, serving companies and their projects, makes the Contract Management profession fully operational thanks to business intelligence.

Les associés fondateurs

  • Vincent Canet
    Vincent Canet

    For more than 30 years, Vincent has made turning around IT and industrial sector projects in crises his specialty (energy, automobile and transport). He intervenes within the framework of dispute management in France and overseas. Over the course of his trainings, he provides unique keys for success which are the fruit of the projects he has turned around and secured in the past.

    Vincent holds an engineering degree from INSA, was trained at the IAE – Paris I as well as one in mediation from the Law Department of Paris II – Assas.

  • Camille Villier
    Camille Villier

    At ease in complex industrial environments abroad in fields such as the Energy and Transport, Camille has developed a double skillset combining contractual expertise – contract audit, dispute management – and mastery of the stakes/relational mechanisms during negotiation (power relationship, influence peddling, etc.).

    Camille’s degree is from KEDGE, the Ecole Supérieur de Commerce de Bordeaux.

  • Eric Menard
    Eric Menard

    For more than 15 years, Éric has worked in an advisory role on consulting assignments with a focus on risk analysis, strategy and project management, in particular to companies in the IT and energy sectors. These assignments have led him to use contract management as a principal lever for performance on projects of all sizes, ranging from 2 M€ to more than 300 M€ on the various aspects of contractual follow-up. Éric has a Masters 1 degree in Economics and Industrial Strategy from Paris IX Dauphine University, and a Masters 2 degree in Commercial Strategy and Negotiation Policy from Paris I Sorbonne University.

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