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Analysis, identification of loopholes, issuing best practises and providing operational responses.

  • Analysing the contract in detail: its compatibility/compliance with the technical specifications, initial studies and input data
  • Identifying points that are open to interpretation, estimating the likelihood that loopholes will be exploited by other parties and the associated costs
  • Identifying and prioritising claims strategies
  • Setting up indicators for early detection
  • Drafting DOs & DON’Ts for the project team
  • As needed, defining urgent actions to be taken


A long-term, tailor-made strategy

  • Defining the strategy: processing immediately or going on standby, making the opposing party work, developing a line of argumentation in terms of form and content
  • Implementing the contract escalation process
  • Integrating the existing tools and procedures (risk and quality management) into the strategy, aligning internal positions, managing internal communications as well as with third-parties


Mediation proceeds in the traditional way, and includes the following main phases:

  • Making contact with the other party and checking their willingness to enter into a mediation procedure
  • Conducting individual interviews, defining the scope of the intervention, expectations and possibilities 
  • Holding plenary sessions
  • Time management (maturation, etc.)
  • Drafting the conclusions of the mediation and integrating them into the contract

Methodology: when the companies involved share a real desire for mediation, we provide the neutrality and impartiality indispensable for the process to be fully effective. All of our experts have degrees in mediation from the prestigious Université de Panthéon-ASSAS, and were trained by Michèle Guillaume-Hofnung, one of the two founding members of the history of mediation in France.

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